French bulldog


Surname: French bulldog
Alternative names: Bouledogue français
Original origin: France
FCI group: Society and assistance dogs
size: up to 35cm
size: up to 35cm
Mass () : 8 - 14kg
Mass () : 8 - 14kg
Life expectancy: 8 - 12 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 3 - 5
coat color: fawn, black and white
coat type: fine, shiny
coat length: short
Character / essence: intelligent, active, patient
attitude: Housing with regular outlet is possible

French Bulldog - introduction information

The French bulldog comes from Molossern's English Bulldogs bred and trained primarily as fighting dogs. Smaller animals of the English race probably arrived in France in the early 19th century with British settlers in Normandy. There they were mainly used to fight rats and other vermin. These much smaller bulldogs were the result of accidental crossbreeding with Griffons, Pugs, various Terrier breeds and half-breeds that gave the French Bulldog its present look. By the end of the 19th century, this breed had gradually become established as a popular companion dog, enjoying great popularity among intellectuals and artists, as well as in aristocratic circles. As a result, the French Bulldog was also known in the United States, where it came to further breeding efforts. Since 1889 it is internationally recognized as an independent breed. Somewhat forgotten in the course of the twentieth century, in the late '90s a veritable boom took over again, and this breed owes its reputation as a fashion dog.
The French Bulldog is of compact and muscular physique with short neck and back and significantly longer hind legs than front legs. The short tail sits low and is just born. The skull is wide and massive with a rounded forehead and flat between the protruding bat ears. Striking are the deep furrow in the forehead, the soft catch, the short catch, the protruding lower jaw and the widely separated eyes. With a shoulder height of up to a maximum of 35 centimeters French Bulldogs can bring between eight and fourteen kilograms on the scales. The short and shiny coat is tight fitting and can appear in different colors and drawings. In addition to plain white and light to dark brown, brindle and spotted variants and the frequent black face mask are also permitted.
In contrast to his ancestors, the French Bulldog is a very gentle and affectionate breed because of the crossing with pugs and griffons, which does not develop aggression against humans or other species. She is loyal to her owners and fits easily into a family with small children. The French Bulldog is characterized by high intelligence and a docile and docile nature and is therefore very easy to educate and ideal for beginners. Due to its compact body size and the rather low urge to move it is also suitable for the attitude in the city, provided that it is carried out daily in green areas. It also hardly develops into a dandy in early socialization and can therefore easily be kept in an apartment.