Maine Coon - Wanted poster


Surname: Maine Coon
Other names: Maine Cat
Latin name: Felis silvestris catus
class: Mammals
size: 25 - 40cm (shoulder height)
mass: 4 - 12kg
Older: 10 - 20kg
Appearance: numerous breeding variants
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
Nutrition type: Carnivore
food: Cat food
distribution: as a breeding cat worldwide
original origin: UNITED STATES
Sleep-wake rhythm: nocturnal
habitatImage: Domestic cat
natural enemies: /
sexual maturity: at the latest with 12 months
mating season: possible all year round
gestation: 60 - 70 days
litter size: 4 - 6 kittens
social behavior: Loners
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting facts about the Maine Coon

  • The Maine Coon or American Forest Cat describes a domesticated cat originally from the North of the United States.
  • The origin of her name is associated with numerous legends. Whether the French monarch Marie-Antoinette or the commercial captain Coon is actually responsible for the breeding of this breed, could not be proven to this day. Guesses suggest that the Maine Coon as a Norwegian wildcat on Viking ships came to New England and was crossed there with native domestic cats.
  • Like wildcats, the Maine Coon is much larger in stature than ordinary domestic cats and has a muscular body with a broad rib cage. The Maine Coon can reach a shoulder height of over forty centimeters and a weight of up to twelve kilograms, with the males being nearly twice as heavy as the females. Adult hangovers can measure up to 120 centimeters from nose to tail.
  • Their coat can appear in different colors and drawings from white to black as well as monochrome, spotted or mackerel. It is especially on the like harem pants looking hind legs and on the belly long, matted but hardly despite the soft undercoat. The tail of the Maine Coon is long, tapering and bushy, on the paws it has dense hair puddle, at the ends of the ears sit pronounced hair brush.
  • The big eyes of this cat breed can be golden yellow, green or coppery regardless of coat color.
  • Described by many lovers as a gentle giant, the Maine Coon is considered extremely calm, affectionate, playful and intelligent. Since she was bred as a working cat, she is also very hunting-friendly and requires a high level of employment. Above all, the Maine Coon loves games with water, climbing and regular outdoor exercise.
  • With its balanced and gentle nature, the Maine Coon is also suitable for keeping with other pets such as dogs or cats.
  • The dense fur makes this cat perfectly adapted to the cold, wet and windy weather of the northern United States. The Maine Coon can hardly handle a hot climate. It is therefore hardly suitable for keeping in overheated living rooms and hot countries.
  • With its above-average size, the Maine Coon makes certain demands on the attitude. So she needs a large cat toilet and a stable scratching post.
  • The dense and long fur dress needs a lot of care in spring when she develops her summer coat. Regular brushing should make the Maine Coon accustomed as early as possible.
  • Since the breed is prone to heart disease, joint and kidney problems due to its size, a Maine Coon should always be purchased from a reputable breeder. Overweight is to be avoided in any case, as it damages their health.
  • As a late bloomer, this cat is fully grown at the age of four years. With good care, the Maine Coon can be up to twenty years old.